We have some rules that must be followed in order for us to continue providing our service. Please help us follow them by having everything we need when you call.

Rules of Conduct

  1. By becoming a member you are certifying under penalty of law that your registry identification card or its equivalent and information provided on our application form is true and accurate, and you are not seeking membership for any illegal or fraudulent purpose.
  2. You must have obtained a recommendation from a physician, currently licensed to practice medicine in the state of Michigan, to use medicinal marijuana to treat a serious illness. Or, you have been designated as the primary caregiver by a qualified patient to provide for that patient’s health and well being.
  3. You will not distribute medicine received from Green & Greener Grow Collective, Inc., herein after referred to as G&GGC, to any other person that is not a member of G&GGC.
  4. You will not use medical marijuana from G&GGC for any non-medical purposes.
  5. By registering with us you are stating that you are not a member of any other co-op or collective currently and will not join any other co-op or collective while under the care of G&GGC.
  6. You agree to authorize G&GGC to contact your physician and verify your state recommendation to use/acquire medicinal cannabis.
  7. You authorize G&GGC and its members to grow, store, process, transport, dispense, administer, and transfer medicinal marijuana for your medical needs.
  8. You agree G&GGC and its members shall receive compensation as donations for cost associated with assisting you as a registered qualifying patient and member of G&GGC.
  9. You agree not to operate any heavy machinery while under the influence of your medicinal cannabis. Do not drive under the influence of any substance that may impair your motor skills, including medical cannabis.
  10. You have a Michigan Driver’s License or state-issued I.D.
  11. You have a Medical marijuana card, or a valid doctor’s recommendation and one of them must be presented every time you obtain medical cannabis from our collective.
  12. You are 18 years of age or older

It Should Also Be Noted

Our minimum delivery is 1/4 of a ounce and maximum is one ounce. You must also be able to meet our driver at his or her vehicle for safety reasons.