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Is Medical Marijuana Good for Insomnia?

Millions of people worldwide suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness at one point in their lives.  You are probably one of them.  Not being able to sleep soundly can make one feel tired the whole day and this can have a negative effect on one’s work and interaction with others.  Not having regular sleep patterns can bring a lot of problems including poor health and ailments that may lead to low work productivity and poor concentration.

Although there are various prescription medicines available in the market to combat insomnia, many patients have found that medical marijuana naturally promotes sleep as it relieves them from chronic pain that is usually the cause of their sleeplessness.

A study recently conducted at Alberta University in Canada found out unexpectedly that patients who received THC, a major medical marijuana component, slept better than those who did not.  The study was published under the headline “Pot Helps Cancer Patients Sleep and Enjoy Food.”

Medical marijuana is indeed effective in the treatment of chronic sleeplessness or insomnia.  Moreover, another study determined that CBD, another medical marijuana component, help insomnia sufferers sleep better.  Furthermore, cannabinoid-induced sleep is no different from sleep that is induced by conventional hypnotics.

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