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February 6, 2016
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February 6, 2016
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Does Medical Marijuana Protect Against Radiation Exposure?

Among the numerous benefits of medical marijuana is its ability to protect against exposure to radiation.  It is interesting to note that the use of medical marijuana increases one’s defenses against radiation exposure.

Treatment with radionuclides or x-rays cause side effects such as skin reactions, tiredness, inflammation of organs and tissues, loss of appetite, decreased number of white blood cells and diarrhea.

Radiation oncology or therapy is a common cancer treatment type that makes use of x-rays or radionuclides to destroy cancer cells.  This type of treatment is an effective way to ease symptoms of cancer and control it.  However, this treatment also comes with negative side effects as mentioned above.

Many radiation therapy patients nowadays prefer medical cannabis as a natural alternative ease the side effects brought by the treatment.

Various studies have shown medical marijuana is indeed effective in reducing the effects of radiation and cancer treatment. In fact, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) have been commissioned by the Office of National Drug Control Policy to assess the health benefits and potential risks of medical marijuana.  The IOM reported that the cannabinoids found in cannabis control vomiting and nausea, relieve pain and stimulate the appetite.

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