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February 6, 2016
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February 6, 2016
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Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Meniere’s Disease?

Many doctors and health practitioners now say that medical marijuana treats Meniere’s disease – a condition of unknown cause that makes people suffer from nausea and intense vertigo because of an inner ear problem.

Meniere’s disease has limited susceptibility to conventional treatment and it’s great news to say that doctors, particularly California physicians now say that medical marijuana helps improve the condition of patients suffering from Meniere’s disease.

Medical marijuana relieves nausea, which is the primary symptom of Meniere’s disease. With the use of medical marijuana, patients reported a significant improvement in their lives.

Constance Gee, the ex-wife of former Vanderbilt University Chancellor Gordon Gee, is now a medical marijuana advocate after she discovered that it can alleviate her symptoms of Meniere’s disease.  She said she was given a lot of prescription drugs to lessen the effects of Meniere’s disease only to find herself still in bed, depressed and fearful of yet another attack. It was only when a friend gave her a small amount of medical marijuana that the symptoms finally receded.

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