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Psychological Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Psychological Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is known to bring several psychological benefits. Relaxation is one of them. Many individuals smoke medical marijuana to relax. Medical marijuana’s active ingredients direct the brain to release dopamine into the bloodstream. This results to a mild euphoric high that can last for a few hours.

Medical marijuana is also a good mood enhancer. Patients taking medical marijuana feel less depressed and experience a more positive sense of well-being. It can also increase awareness of the senses – sight, taste and hearing.

Medical marijuana is also used for the treatment of chronic pain in several medical conditions. A 2003 article in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management presented 3 cases in Canada, which found medical marijuana to lessen chronic pain from certain medical conditions such as HIV and multiple sclerosis.

Moreover, medical marijuana has also been known to encourage sleep and improve the quality of rest especially to patients suffering from chronic pain.

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