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Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain Relief, Better than Prescription Drugs

Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain Relief, Better than Prescription Drugs

A study conducted by the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and McGill University (MU) has found that cannabis is better than prescription drugs at treating chronic neurological pain and does not come with all the harmful side effects.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis that has psychoactive and analgesic properties, is proven to relieve chronic pain, improve mood and promote better sleep in patients suffering from severe neurological pain.

Patients who inhaled cannabis smoke three times daily experienced moderate pain reduction after just a few days. More apparent effects were seen with cannabis containing ten percent THC than those varieties with less than that quantity.

“This is the first trial to be conducted where patients have been allowed to smoke cannabis at home and to monitor their responses, daily,” said Dr. Mark Ware, lead author of the study, Director of Clinical Research at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit at MUHC, assistant professor of anesthesia in McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and neuroscience researcher at the Research Institute of the MUHC.

“The patients we followed suffered from pain caused by injuries to the nervous system…and which was not controlled using standard therapies,” he further explained. “This kind of pain occurs more frequently than many people recognize, and there are few effective treatments available. For these patients, medical cannabis is sometimes seen as their last hope.”

This study reveals that medical cannabis can be a safer option for legitimate chronic pain caused by post-surgical and post-traumatic injuries than prescription drugs as long as the dosage is administered properly by a licensed physician. Cannabis is never to be abused for non-therapeutic, recreational purposes.

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