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Is Medical Cannabis an Effective Mood Stabilizer?

Is Medical Cannabis an Effective Mood Stabilizer?

Medical cannabis has been shown to have positive effects on one’s mood. Many patients who smoke medical marijuana attest that it’s a great mood stabilizer. This factor makes medical cannabis an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and other related mood disorders.

According to Harvard Psychiatry Professor, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, as recorded in his 1997 book, “Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine,”  “thirty to forty percent of patients with bipolar disorder are not consistently helped by conventional treatment. For some of them cannabis may be useful in ameliorating the symptoms, reducing side effects of lithium, or both.”

Bill Zimmerman, PhD, former President of the Americans For Medical Rights, stated in his 1998 book, “Is Marijuana the Right Medicine For You?”:

“Some patients have found the mood altering effects of marijuana to be helpful for treating mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar (manic-depressive) illness. Using marijuana to treat mood disorders was described in medical writings in the 19th and early 20th centuries.”

In 2006, Dr. Frank Lucido, a private practice physician, stated in his article “Implementation of the Compassionate Use Act in a Family Medical Practice: Seven Years Clinical Experience,” “with appropriate use of medical cannabis, many of these patients have been able to reduce or eliminate the use of opiates and other pain pills, ritalin, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants and other psychiatric medicines.”

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